Filling my Bobbin

Have you ever been stitching along to discover that you have run out of bobbin thread? There was probably a slight change in the sound of the sewing machine. I probably even glanced at the stitches and yes, they looked fine. But, no…out of thread and the needle is just poking holes in the material. Then, sometimes I look over and ! the bobbin that is winding has overwound. Time for a break!

This happens in life too. I’m going along and something feels off but it’s not clear what it is. Then one day I’m chatting with Mom and she says something that triggers me and I look like the over wound bobbin, spilling out my knotted thoughts.

Thankfully, this process allows me to unwind that crazy over flow, to put my full bobbin in the casing and my stitches are perfect again. Sometimes though, I haven’t unwound enough and when I start sewing, the machine clunks and protests. The needle and bobbin do not synchronize. I have to take the bobbin back out of the casing and start the process over.

My most recent conversation involved my work, my business, my relationships, my beliefs and my desires. By unwinding to my mom, the messy bobbin that I hadn’t realized that had gone off kilter, I could see the smooth threads below. I could see from a higher plane. I could appreciate my journey this far and get back to enjoying the unfolding of my life.

My bobbin is full and so, I will sew.

Stitching my way to Greater Consciousness

As I sew, I listen to audio books, podcasts or recorded calls from my favourite site.

For the last few days, I have been listening to Consciousness Anywhere podcast by Shannon O’Hara. She facilitates Access Consciousness groups. She is the founder’s daughter. I ‘buy’ a lot of what they say. I also find it funny that they talk about consciousness as being aware of everything and judging nothing AND then they will express their opinions which of course are judgements. 😂😂😂 I can SO relate to this because when something is RIGHT for me, I want to share it with others. Mostly it’s my mom who listens but also my good friend and sometimes my daughters and grandchildren, and sometimes my partner. Sometimes they let me ramble on and sometimes I am aware that they don’t want to hear so I usually sum it up and ask for their thoughts. ( Except those times when I’m really fired up!)
So…my take away is Be in the Question. Be Aware of my Judgements. Live a life of Ease and Joy and Glory. I’m not sure what Glory is for me, yet.
Or as Abraham says, Be Happy Now!

Some of my favourites: and Jeannette’s podcast LOA Recon

Otherworldly Oracle podcast


Seth Speaks and other books by Jane Roberts
Being You, Changing the World by Dr. Dane Heer

Mike Dooley

Pam Grout

And so many more that I’m not listing now because I am going back to sewing.

Chasing Squirrels 🐿

My life (simplified with bullet points)
-received an email that was a hoax
-decided to change my password
-changed my iCloud password by mistake
-got my password book to update
-password book was in living room (why did I leave it there!?!)
-saw that I had left a glass in the living room
-took glass to kitchen
-somehow ended up in dining room and decided to remove the dead foliage from my tomato plant, took some pics, thinking about posting on Facebook
-filled compost bucket
-emptied it
-returned it to it’s spot
-emptied the other compost bucket
-returned it to it’s spot
-noticed that I did not wash the baking sheets that I cooked bacon on
-washed baking sheets
-grabbed a snack
-decided to get back to my original task
-Fitbit signified time to get steps in, another hour almost up!
-got steps in
-Thinking, is this how one could start to blog?
-writing post!!!
-yet to complete the password task!
And work on 2 quotes on my desk And enter info in QuickBooks And….it’s amazing that I get stuff done 😀😀😀😀😂