Below the surface

I’ve noticed that I refer to the bobbin a lot. It is the part that is below the surface. I drafted this post a week ago and since then I have read about one woman’s uncovering of a hidden agenda that was preventing her from manifesting her conscious desire. That is a thread worth pulling on.

I’ve decided to write down my desires and take a look at how long it has been a desire. I’ll scale it from 1 to 10 to rate my movement toward it. Then I will come up with a question, such as, “Hey Universe, what needs to happen for me to get 1 step closer to achieving this desire?” “Hey Universe, show me my hidden agenda that is preventing me from achieving this desire.” Then, I will find something to immerse myself in… I have some organizing to do… and I will pay attention to anything that comes up.

Here I go…

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