Chasing Squirrels 🐿

My life (simplified with bullet points)
-received an email that was a hoax
-decided to change my password
-changed my iCloud password by mistake
-got my password book to update
-password book was in living room (why did I leave it there!?!)
-saw that I had left a glass in the living room
-took glass to kitchen
-somehow ended up in dining room and decided to remove the dead foliage from my tomato plant, took some pics, thinking about posting on Facebook
-filled compost bucket
-emptied it
-returned it to it’s spot
-emptied the other compost bucket
-returned it to it’s spot
-noticed that I did not wash the baking sheets that I cooked bacon on
-washed baking sheets
-grabbed a snack
-decided to get back to my original task
-Fitbit signified time to get steps in, another hour almost up!
-got steps in
-Thinking, is this how one could start to blog?
-writing post!!!
-yet to complete the password task!
And work on 2 quotes on my desk And enter info in QuickBooks And….it’s amazing that I get stuff done 😀😀😀😀😂

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