Filling my Bobbin

Have you ever been stitching along to discover that you have run out of bobbin thread? I notice a slight change in the sound of the sewing machine. I probably even glance at the stitches and yes, they looked fine. But, no…out of I’m out of bobbin thread and the needle is just poking holes in the material. Other times I look over and ! the bobbin that is winding has overwound. Time for a break!

This happens in life too. I’m going along and I notice that something feels off but it’s not clear what it is. Then one day I’m chatting with Mom and she says something that triggers me and I look like the over wound bobbin, spilling out my knotted thoughts.

Thankfully, this process allows me to unwind that crazy over flow, to put my full bobbin in the casing and my stitches are perfect again. Sometimes though, I haven’t unwound enough and when I start sewing, the machine clunks and protests. The needle and bobbin do not synchronize. I have to take the bobbin back out of the casing and start the process over.

My most recent conversation involved my work, my business, my relationships, my beliefs and my desires. By unwinding to my mom, the messy bobbin that I hadn’t realized that had gone off kilter, I could see the smooth threads below. I could see from a higher plane. I could appreciate my journey this far and get back to enjoying the unfolding of my life.

My bobbin is full and so, I will sew.

4 thoughts on “Filling my Bobbin”

  1. I sew for a living so I can relate.. i love the analogy. I think my bobbin gets tangled everyday. lol Luckily I work with a great group of people that can make winding that bobbin up and get sewing again fun.

  2. Such a nice way to put things in perspective. So glad for you and hope such reflections help each of us to take care of it and keep on sewing:)

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