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Is it okay to admit to having anxiety about whether my work is good enough, on a blog that is attached to the site on which I display my work!!???!!

I once said to a friend that I am not a perfectionist because my work is never perfect.  His reply was, isn’t that the definition of a perfectionist?

It’s like fumbling the bobbin as I go to load it. It goes bouncing to the ground and rolling across the floor.  I’ve learned to let it go because when I try to save it, I usually end up making more of a mess.  If I let it go, sometimes it lands at my feet.  Sometimes when it goes rolling away, the thread shows me where the bobbin went.  Likewise, if I notice that I have gone to that place of not-good-enough, I can allow the thoughts to flow through me, be okay with the anxiety, realize that I have come far, take a deep breath and move on.  I move on by reaching for Better Feeling Thoughts or finding a distraction.  Make a tea.  Go for a walk.  Breathe the fresh air.  Appreciate this wonderful place I live in. 

There are much better places to be than stuck in my head!

Pick up the bobbin.  Wind it up.  Pop it in the casing.  And sew on.

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